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Past Experience
The employees of Cockos have created and launched many fine products and technologies prior to joining Cockos, including Gnutella, K-Meleon, Kaillera, NSIS, SHOUTcast, and Winamp.
Cockos Roll Call

Justin Frankel

Founder, President, Humilitarian

Justin is and has always been our glorious leader. He rules with a caring and benevolent hand, and guides us with great skill and spectacular thunder.

Having said that, Justin spends his days wandering the world, occasionally committing to git and copying email from inbox to inbox.

Before Cockos, Justin brought the world comfort and plentiful nourishment with the wonderous Winamp, under the corporate umbrella of what was Nullsoft.

John Schwartz


John joined Cockos in 2008, and since then we have seen astronomical growth by nearly every metric imaginable.

Having spent many years in industries varied and questionable (including Rock and/or Roll), John has become our moral compass, guiding us to the wonderful future.

John is so highly trained that he can type code that compiles correctly almost 3% of the time.


(international persons of mystery who contribute fantastic work to Cockos but also live other lives)

Ollie REAPen

Terribly Honored
Coming from the land of Kraftwerk, Ollie followed us home and mom said we could keep him. He is not a robot.

White Tie

Honored and Honoured
Seeking redemption for a past making bad things look pretty, designer White Tie has been painting the deck of the good ship Cockos since 2007, and keeps us all amused with his cheerful refrain of "that's not how I would have done it..."

WT once flirted with facial hair but, alas, failed to reach Cockos' standard of luxuriancemanliness.

Geoffrey Francis

The Authority
Geoffrey brings a third continent and second hemisphere of talent, and writes the wonderful REAPER User Guide. He also writes other books on audio recording and REAPER, and has a Lulu Store.

Kenny Gioia

Formally Casual Comic Sans
Kenny is best known for his Christopher Walken (More Visual Click) meets Tony Soprano ramblings over a ridiculously expensive mic chain (Neumann U47 - Neve 8068 - Fairchild 670) while describing the quickest can get speed..on REAPER. While his studio is adorned with no less than a dozen platinum knickknacks in frames, his proudest moments are waving to Stevie Wonder, appearing on the People's Court and his near death experiences that involve a malfunctioning Waze app and a temperature just below 72℉. He lives alone. As does his cat.
Cockos Alumni
(they came, they did stuff, they may return)

Christophe Thibault


As France's third most important export, Christophe brought many important qualities to our team -- most obvious being passion, suavity, and cassoulet. Christophe is extremely talented at applying a French kisstouch to everything he comes in contact with. You might also have heard from Christophe as the originator of the Kaillera and K-Meleon projects.

Christophe left Cockos in 2014 to pursue his dreams at a marginally larger and slightly more profitable company.

Jean-François Bédague

French Aussi

Jean-François (or Jeff as he is more commonly called) raised our average height by some margin, and also increased the French quotient, while sporting the typical Cockos beard. You may know Jeff from his work on the fantastic REAPER/SWS Plug-In, or from old episodes of Banacek.

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