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an interactive directory (path) synchronizer for windows

PathSync can analyze two directories and show the user a list of differences between the directories.

The user can select what actions should occur (which files to overwrite, which to delete, which to ignore), and allow PathSync to synchronize.

PathSync provides nifty statistics during the synchronization, so that the user is never wondering how much time is left, etc.

PathSync is GPL free software, each download package includes the source.

Discuss PathSync in the Cockos Forums.

Latest version:
 PathSync v0.4 BETA 2 (12/28/15) (200kb installer)
   + Updated to latest WDL
   + Updated installer (NSIS 2.5.0 DLL hijack fixes)

Old versions:
 PathSync v0.4 BETA (3/6/10) (150kb installer)
   + Preliminary unicode filename support (via UTF-8)
   + Work to prepare for OS X support
   + Uses more of WDL for file read/write
   + Fixed bug in fn matching for directories

 PathSync v0.35 (9/1/07) (123kb installer)
    + fixed a bug in filename masking for subdirectories (doing !dir1\dir2\*;dir1\ didn't work properly)

 PathSync v0.34 (8/14/07) (123kb installer)
  + Brennan Underwood's 0.33b updates:
    + made file date comparer consider FAT32 no-modification-date to be equal to NTFS no-modification-date
    + made status bar only show directory names during scan (instead of files), much faster!
    + reworked GUI for sanity and symmetry
    + made icon vertically symmetric
    + reordered item context menu to put "Local->Remote" option first
  + Alan Davies 0.33c updates:   
    + Added folder sync.
    + Descriptive text for actions (Create/Delete).
    + Untabified whole file, cleaned up tab order of resources.
    + Fixed bug: 'Analyze' button stayed as 'stop' when path text invalid.
    + Fixed bug: Logging edit + button correctly disabled after Analyze.
    + Added 'Diff' and 'Open' options to context menu.
  + Synchronization window is now resizeable

 PathSync v0.33 (3/27/06) (101kb installer)
   + fixed a bug when using !dirname\ expressions in mask (thanks Dave Biderman)

 PathSync v0.32 (11/07/05) (100kb installer)
   + added greyed "ignore file date" checkbox, which ignores differences of exactly 
     1h and 2h, for daylight savings time nonsense.

 PathSync v0.31 (4/20/05) (98kb installer)
   + fixed a filename pattern matching bug
   + fixed throttled copying high CPU use

 PathSync v0.3 (4/20/05) (98kb installer)
   + commandline option -systray (courtesy Francis Gastellu)
   + filename pattern matching options (courtesy Francis Gastellu)
   + -autorun command line option (courtesy Alan Davies) 
   + logging option (useful for -autorun or normal use) (courtesy Alan Davies)
   + optional copying throttling (coming soon: throttling for file scanning)

 PathSync v0.2 (3/08/05) (91kb installer)
   + support for PSS (pathsync settings) files 
   + menu items to load/save
   + drag&drop PSS files
   + shell integration (open your PSS in explorer, or run pathsync -loadpss )
   + option for ignoring dates/sizes/missing files
   + option for default sync actions
   + installer 

 PathSync v0.1 (8/20/04) (ZIP)
   + first public release

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