Version 4.75
November 7, 2014

Windows 32-bit
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Windows 64-bit
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 x64

Windows versions also support Wine/Wine64

Windows 32-bit version has limited support for Windows 98/ME

OS X 32-bit
OS X 10.4-10.9

OS X 64-bit
OS X 10.5-10.9

OS X 10.4-10.5

Version 4.75 Changelog
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  • Video:
    • fixed EOF issue with certain files and DirectShow
    • fixed OSX display switching from YV12 to YUV/RGB
    • fixed potential incorrect layering orders
    • search for ffmpeg binaries in appdata:UserPlugins\64 on win64 (allowing separate 32 and 64 bit installs)
    • section sources are supported for determining video frame
  • Envelopes:
    • fixed jumpy envelope points with the option 'Envelope point selection follows time selection' .
    • track FX envelopes read unarmed automation in write mode .
    • Arm buttons display a 'pushed' state regardless of the automation mode
  • Mixer:
    • fixed input label not being refresh in certain instances .
    • improved right-click on master track selection behavior
  • OSC:
    • fixed master solo feedback .
    • fixed volume feedback issues ..
  • OSX:
    • Fixed contextual key shortcuts not passing through some windows (copy, paste, delete, etc)
    • added 'Backspace' default key shortcut to delete things in managers, project bay, etc
  • Playback:
    • fixed hangs when changing playrate while paused .
    • small optimization to sends/PDC related code
  • Project bay:
    • if moving files fails, fall back to copying them (and trying to delete)
    • show copy status window when copying files
    • show errors when renaming/copying files
  • ReaScript:
    • display an error message when running invalid scripts (e.g. file not found)
    • display more details when Python initialization fails .
  • Render:
    • update rather than close configuration window when changing project tabs
    • fixed samplerate display issues in render queue .
  • Ripple edit:
    • action 'Options: Ripple editing: Per-track/All tracks' reports a toggle state
    • better behavior moving/pasting/removing items with later locked items
    • option for how to handle locked items (prefs/editing behavior/ripple editing)
  • Automation: Fixed global override button not being refreshed on project load/switches
  • Elastique 3: multichannel fixes .
  • Focus: Fixed cursor context issues, e.g. context lost (OSX) or changed (Win) after clicking a docked toolbar button
  • JSFX: fixed slider_automate() not obeying to the preference 'Automatically add envelopes when tweaking parameters in automation write modes' .
  • MIDI editor: fixed display/UI issues on projects with partial measures .
  • ReaSurround: recalculate channel outputs when automating speaker gain .
  • Undo: action 'Master Track: Toggle stereo/mono' creates an undo point .
  • API:
    • added GetGlobalAutomationOverride, SetGlobalAutomationOverride
    • added SetCursorContext (to change the focus programmatically and track/take envelope selection)"
    • fixed TrackFX_GetEQParam for gain parameters
Is That All of It?
Yes. The REAPER installer is complete and self-contained. There is nothing else to download.

REAPER contains no loop or sample libraries, no crippled evaluation versions of other software, no arbitrary hardware or software restrictions and absolutely no invasive copy protection system.

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